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March 23, 2023

Top 5 Proposal Spots Near Chicago

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Okay, so the time to pop the question is creepin’ closer and closer.. You have the ring, you have the plan, you have it all figured out…But can’t find the perfect location?!?! Have no fear, Homa is here!!! Let’s talk about our personal 5 best proposal spots (in no particular order b/c we love literally all of them!!) in the Chicago-land area!! Can’t wait to see you guys with our cameras here!! 😉

1. Garfield Conservatory

If you’re looking for nature, light, and cute cozy vibes, then this is the spot for your proposal! If you’ve lived in Chicago long enough, then you know that the weather app cannot be trusted. Chi-town is UNPREDICTABLE AFFFFF! So whether it’s winter or summer, rain or sunshine, windy or not, THIS IS THE SPOT FOR YOU! No matter what it’s lookin’ like outside, your pics or videos will be nothing short of PERFECT! There’s TONS of spots to pop the question! The bench is our personal fav! But you can also hide behind the beautiful trees and your partner will never see it coming 😉 We would recommend steering away from weekend proposals since it does get pretty crowded. If you’re ready to have the perfect proposal surrounded by lush greenery, tons of light, and so much love, THIS IS IT!!! 

Proposal Spots Near Chicago, IL

2. Ambassador Chicago

There is nothing like a beautiful rooftop proposal in the MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY IN THE WORLD!!! (I will fight you on this LOL)! The Ambassador has, hands down, one of the most beautiful views in the entire city! It’s the city’s original boutique hotel, dating all the way back to 1926!!! It’s no surprise that it’s VERY popular for engagements however each proposal looks so different up there!! You can get VERY creative with this venue! With stunning architecture, unbeatable views, and a very intimate vibe, it’s one of our absolute favorite spots to shoot a proposal!!  

Proposal Spots Near Chicago, IL

3. Milton Olive Park

Okay imagine this… Walking down hand in hand through a park… You see Navy pier off in the distance, you pass the sandy beach to the side, then you see the never ending water, and to top it all off, the stunning Chicago skyline… You must be wondering “does a place like this exist?” YES, YES IT DOES FAM!!! And it’s called the Milton Olive Park! This picture perfect location will give you all the variety you’ve been wanting for your engagement memories! You can walk in the park, sit on the benches, stand next to the water, or across from the beautiful skyline! SO MANY OPTIONS!!! Moreover, it’s generally a quiet area with very little foot traffic (which is SO surprising because it is such an amazing spot!) AND IT’S FREE!!! It is truly a hidden gem in our gorgeous city!! 

Proposal Spots Near Chicago, IL

4. Nature Boardwalk at the Lincoln Park Zoo

The Nature Boardwalk is an extension of the Lincoln Park Zoo, and a beautiful spot for proposals! The honeycomb structure is the perfect backdrop for when you get down on your knee! The boardwalk is surrounded by wildlife all around, while also having a stunning view of the city! Once again, ABSOLUTELY FREE, so spend that money on the ring instead 😉 We would recommend avoiding weekends and aiming for golden hour lighting! You will NOT be disappointed! One of our favorite city spots for couples!!!

Proposal Spots Near Chicago, IL

5. Cuba Marsh Forest Preserve

My suburban friends, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!! Cuba Marsh has become one of our favorite shoot spots away from the city! Located in Deer Park, IL (~40 min drive from the city), this forest preserve has our hearts!! This is a perfect spot for you nature lovers who love to hike, bike, trek, and go on LONGGGGG walks!! You can even bring your furry pets (as long as they’re on the leash) if you want “PAWWWWW” worthy photos!! <3 With limestone trails, rolling hills, and tall trees, cuba marsh is the perfect mesh of prairie and woodlands! The landscape here is BEAUTIFUL and absolutely perfect for photos/videos!! If you’re lookin’ to hike down to your knee, then this is your spot!!! 😉

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